Digital night vision - PARD DS35 riflescope. Day/night system - colour image during the day and black and white image at night. Observation range in darkness up to 500 m. Optical magnification 4x or 5.6x. Digital zoom 2x. Round LCD display 800x800px. Video resolution 1920x1080 Full HD 2Mpx. Memory for up to 5 weapons. 6 new hunting curricula. Power saving mode (sleep mode). Power supply by 18650 battery (included). Battery life up to 8 hours. Mechanical resistance up to 6000 J (up to 8x68, 30-06, .308W). Completely Czech localization including instrument setup!

PARD comes with a new digital night vision in the form of the PARD DS35 riflescope. It is a multifunctional day and night sight with cutting-edge technology. The DS35 is a step ahead of the competition as it is the first on the market to use the new 800×800 px IPS LCD circular display, giving you a classic riflescope-like experience with a maximum field of view. The result is a higher resolution image combined with a highly sensitive Ultra HD CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2560×1440 px.

The Pard DS35 850nm is available in two variants depending on the optical magnification: 4x or 6.5x. The 4x magnification is suitable for hunting at shorter distances up to approximately 100m, where this magnification will give you the widest field of view. For hunting at longer distances you will definitely use the higher magnification of 6.5x. The new IPS LCD display: a display that provides a high clarity image with rich contrast and has an extra wide field of view for a better overview of the situation. Viewing is even more natural with a fast response time that is reminiscent of looking through traditional daytime optics. Night vision can now be captured more easily than ever before. Thanks to the circular display, you no longer move the crosshairs when correcting the aiming point, but the image. This means that the cross always remains perfectly centered and retains its full field of view. The PARD DS35 offers 6 different crosshairs, 4 colours and 5 possible shooting profiles. The integrated ballistic calculator in conjunction with the 1000 m laser rangefinder automatically calculates the trajectory of the missile and displays the impact location on the instrument's display. This advanced technology greatly assists in hit accuracy.


The PARD DS35 is designed for perfect detection of a variety of targets at distances up to 500 meters, and combined with the Ultra HD sensor and new high-quality LCD display, it is several steps ahead of the competition. The 850 nm IR illuminator has three illumination intensities and an adjustable light cone to best ensure perfect target observation.

Automatic post-shot recording: once the unit detects recoil, it automatically records a 20-second video that captures as little as 8 seconds before the actual shot. Video recording can also be controlled fully manually with any length of recording. The Pard DS35 also offers the option of high resolution shooting. Through Wi-Fi connectivity, you can transfer live images from the device to your phone.

The new rotary knob makes operation very simple, fast and intuitive. You'll especially appreciate the new controls when taking photos and setting up the device, where the process is greatly accelerated.

 New colour modes: you can adjust the image to your chosen colour mode, giving you exceptional adaptability in different environments.


50 mm 70 mm variant

Magnification 4-8x 5.6-11.5x

Field of view

Horizontal 4.8° 3.4°

Vertical 4.8° 3.4°

Diagonal 6.8° 4.8°

Mode Colour/Black/Black/White/Green/Yellow 

Display Round IPS LCD 800x800 px             

PIP Yes        

Wi-Fi Yes

Micro-SD card 128 GB (max.)  

Gyroscope Yes       

Auto video recording Yes

Microphone Yes       

USB Type-C 

HDMI output Yes

Illumination 940 nm, 5 W 

Illumination distance up to 500 m  

Battery type Lithium-lon 18650   

Battery life 8 hours     

IP67 resistance       

Operating temperature -20℃~50℃    

Dimensions 396mm*125mm*110mm        

Weight 680 g   

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Night vision Pard DS35 - 940nm 5,6x LRF

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