Sell firearms and ammunition

Act on Firearms and Ammunition and on Amendments to Certain Acts No. 190/2003 Coll.

§ 2 par. 1 letter g) ammunition or cartridge; ammunition is also considered a component of ammunition, letter h) ammunition component match, projectile or projectile used in weapons, § 14a May not conclude a distance contract, 15a) the subject of which is the purchase and sale of weapons or ammunition other than weapons of category D, ammunition for a category D weapon, the main parts and components of a category D weapon, unless otherwise provided by this Act.

Sale of weapons and ammunition at a distance

Pursuant to Section 14a of the Weapons and Ammunition Act, as amended, a distance contract may not be concluded, the subject of which is the purchase and sale of a weapon or ammunition, unless the law provides otherwise.

Contracts concluded at a distance according to § 9 of Act no. 108/2000 Coll. on consumer protection in door-to-door sales and mail order sales, as amended, means a contract concluded between the seller and the consumer for mail order sales or provision of services at a distance exclusively by means of communication, such as addressed letter, addressed printed matter, unaddressed printed matter, offer catalog , print advertising with an order form, automatic telephone equipment, telephone, videophone, fax, videotex (microcomputer and television screen) with keyboard or touch - responsive screen, radio, television when sold by telephone or electronic mail.

According to the amended § 34 par. 3 of the Arms and Ammunition Act, however, a distance contract may be concluded by a holder of an arms license whose object is the purchase and sale of a weapon or ammunition, but only with another holder of an arms license or another person authorized in the course of his business to purchase and sell weapons. and ammunition.

You can not order guns, ammunition and components online.

If you are interested to buy some firearm from our company you must make some steps:

1. Contact us what your are interested to buy.

2. You must get permition to buy weapon from your local police to buy weapon in our store.

3. You need to make OFFICIAL TRANSLATION of this document to SLOVAK LANGUAGE (English is not accepted by our police)

4. After that we arrange personal  pick up (it is only one possible option, we can not ship guns to you), in our store and Police station to fill all neccessery documents. You will pay 16,50 EUR for each gun wich you want to buy.

5.  Thats it :)