The Hikmicro Habrok binoculars are specially designed to meet the needs of both night and day hunting. A dual system with the option of switching between thermal vision and night vision will give you a complete overview throughout the day and night.

  • Quickly switch between thermal vision and night vision
  • Thermal imaging sensor 640 x 512 px
  • Temperature sensitivity 20 mK
  • Optical module for night vision 2560 x 1440 px
  • Glare 940 nm
  • Detection up to 1800 meters
  • Laser range finder

The HQ35LN model has a thermal imaging sensor with a resolution of 640 x 512 px and a temperature sensitivity of an incredible 20 mK. In the optical module, you will find a core with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 px, and the entire image will be conveyed by an OLED display of 1920 x 1080 px.

Thanks to the 35 mm lens, the thermal imaging module reaches a detection distance of up to 1800 meters. Together with the digital module, you can use the illumination with a wavelength of 940 nm and detection at 350 meters. In addition, it also has a laser rangefinder with a range of up to 1000 meters.

You can observe 24/7 in the Black Hot/White Hot/Red Hot/Fusion color palettes for thermal imaging and Day/Night/Auto for the optical module.

Habrok is packed with lots of great features from taking photos and videos with sound to tracking the hottest spot. A new feature is the automatic sleep mode, when the binoculars detect a change in position, according to which it evaluates that the device is not in use and turns off the screen, which saves the battery. It also offers connection using a cable or the Hikmicro Sight app.

It brings comfort with the design of classic daytime binoculars, ergonomic shape and plenty of comfortable neck attachment thanks to the lightweight body. Of course, it is possible to place it on a tripod, in this case using the attached adapter. The device operates on two replaceable 18650 batteries, providing continuous observation for up to six hours.

We provide a 3-year warranty for the device and a guarantee for the loan of a replacement device in case of service.



Thermal imaging module

Digital module


640 × 512 px 2560 × 1440 px

Temperature sensitivity

≦ 20 mK -
- 940nm
35 mm 31 mm
Detection 1800 m 350 m

Optical magnification

3x 2,9x

Field of vision

12,5° × 10,1° 13,9° × 7,8°

Display resolution

1920 × 1080 px
Wi-Fi Yes

Laser range finder

Yes, 1000 m
Digital zoom 8x

Dioptric correction


Possibility to take a photo


Option to take a video


Audio recording option


Degree of protection

Memory built-in, 64 GB

Operating temperature

-30°C to 55°C
Baterry 2x Li-ion 18650

Battery life

6 hours
780 g


138 × 68 × 212 mm
Igor 30/01/2024

super mašina...už ti netreba nič do lesa...všetko v jednom či cez deň či noc

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Thermovision binocular Hikmicro Habrok HQ35LN

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