Why do I need a GUN CLEANER from RifleCX?

How many times have you struggled to remove dirt and powder residue from your equipment after shooting? How many brass brushes have you destroyed while cleaning a gun or rifle? And how long did it take you? And if you have several weapons – an hour, two? It’s in the past now!

GUN CLEANER from RifleCX was created to simplify and shorten the process of cleaning firearms as much as possible. Thanks to high pressure and specially selected ingredients, it removes dirt, carbon deposits, lead, copper, nickel deposits as well as oil and grease – without the need to use a brush! Now your gun will be clean and degreased – quickly and effortlessly. GUN CLEANER from RifleCX evaporates quickly, leaving a dry and clean surface ready for further maintenance with a CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX or CLP OIL from RifleCX. GUN CLEANER from RifleCX does not damage any plastic or wooden elements, does not contain chlorine solvents – you can use it without fear for any type of firearm.


Direct the jet of cleaner precisely at the soiled elements of the weapon. After cleaning, wipe off the remains of the remover with a cloth and then use CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX or CLP OIL from RifleCX. Discoloration may occur with poor quality oxide. We recommend making a control test on a small metal surface.


Washes and degreases in one operating mode. Removes carbon deposits, dirt, grease, lead, copper and nickel deposits. It evaporates quickly. It leaves no traces. The highest pressure among preparations available on the market. It does not contain cadmium, lead, acetone, corrosive and toxic substances. Easily penetrates, quickly penetrates into stains, facilitates complete dissolution of impurities and detachment of soluble components. Does not leave stains. Tube attachment for precise application. Before cleaning plastics and wood, check its operation on a small invisible part of the cleaned material.


Capacity: 500 ml.

360o: operation in any can position.

Rado 07/02/2024

Super čistí, veľký objem, silný tlak...a použiješ kdekoľvek na zbraň

Bartek 23/11/2023

Vysoký tlak dôkladne umyje nečistoty a odmastí ich. Zanecháva povrch suchý, bez zvyškov nečistôt. Používam ho hlavne po čistiacich prípravkoch, ktoré agresívne pôsobia na vnútorný povrch hlavne. Ďalší nákup, ktorý splnil moje očakávania.

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RifleCX Gun Cleaner 500ml

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