Privacy policy

General conditions of personal data protection

The contracting parties have agreed that the buyer, if he is a natural person, will provide the seller with his name and surname in the order, address of permanent residence, including postal code, telephone number and e-mail address. The contracting parties have agreed that the buyer, if he is a legal entity, will provide the seller with his business name, registered office address, including postal code, ID number, telephone number and e-mail address. The buyer can check and change the personal data provided at any time, as well as cancel his registration after logging in to the e-commerce website in the My Account section. The seller hereby notifies the buyer that in accordance with Art. § 14 par. 2 of Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on Personal Data Protection and on Amendments to Certain Acts as Amended (hereinafter referred to as "ZnOOÚ") the seller as an operator will process the buyer's personal data in the process of concluding the purchase contract after granting his consent as the data subject, as the buyer's personal data will be processed in pre-contractual relations with the buyer and the processing of personal data of the buyer is necessary for the performance of the purchase contract, in which the buyer acts as one of the parties. The Seller undertakes to handle and dispose of the Buyer's personal data in accordance with the valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. The Seller declares that it will collect personal data exclusively for the purpose stated in these business and complaint conditions and that it will comply with the principles of personal data processing defined in § 6 to § 13 ZnOOÚ. Before sending the order, the buyer will be asked to confirm by checking the box "I agree with the terms and conditions." before sending the order, confirm that the seller has informed him in a clear, comprehensible, easily accessible and irreplaceable way:

  1. their identification data, which are listed in Art. 1. these business and complaint conditions,
  2. identification data of the third party, which is the company that delivers the ordered goods to the buyer so that these data are stated in the acceptance,
  3. the purpose of processing personal data, which is the conclusion of a purchase contract between the seller and the buyer,
  4. that it will process the personal data of the buyer in the range of name and surname, address of permanent residence including postal code, telephone number and e-mail address if the buyer is a natural person and in the range of business name, registered office address including postal code, ID number, telephone number and e-mail address if the buyer is a legal entity person.

The Seller declares that it will process personal data in accordance with good morals and will act in a manner that does not contradict ZnOOÚ or other generally binding legal regulations, nor will it circumvent them. The Seller declares that it will not enforce or condition the consent of the person concerned by threatening to reject the contractual relationship, service, goods or obligation imposed on the Seller.

Privacy Policy

  1. For the purposes of this Policy, Personal Data means name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, billing address, delivery address, IP address, cookies, information on reaching the age of 16.
  2. Martin Čemsák - BLACKMARKET as the Operator of the e-shop and at the same time as the administrator of Personal Data hereby informs about the manner and scope of processing Personal Data, including the scope of rights of the Affected Person related to the processing of his Personal Data.
  3. The affected person is a natural person who purchases goods and services from the Operator.
  4. When processing personal data, the Operator proceeds in accordance with the following legal regulations: Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "FTA") and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter "the Regulation")
  5. The Operator processes Personal Data for the following purposes :
    1. performance of the contract concluded with the Affected Person, or any other obligation, and the provision of services:
      1. personal data will be processed during the negotiations on the conclusion of the contract between the Operator and the Affected Person, for the purpose of concluding the contract, as well as during the duration of the contractual relationship ;
      2. for the purpose of fulfilling the marketing action, its evaluation and termination, delivery of any winnings, etc.
    2. compliance with legal obligations (especially accounting, tax and archiving, providing co-operation to administrative authorities, police, courts, etc.);
    3. legitimate interests of the Operator, protection of rights and legally protected interests of the Operator;
    4. marketing and business offers of the Operator's services:
      1. general sending of business offers of products and services: sending general advertising notices without targeting a specific group of recipients;
      2. individual offer: sending advertising advertisements after evaluating certain personal aspects related to a natural person; the operator does not perform profiling in accordance with Art. 22 Regulations, as it is not an automated processing but a manual creation of individual tenders;
      3. sending of business information by third parties: this is the sending of business notifications by other controllers to whom the personal data of the Affected Person were transferred with the consent of the Affected Person and on the basis of the contract on the processing of Personal Data;
  6. If the Affected Person does not provide his Personal Data, it is not possible to conclude a contract with the Operator and / or provide him with the services resulting from it. In this context, personal data is necessary for the provision of a specific service or product of the Operator.
  7. The affected person is obliged to provide the Operator only with true and accurate Personal Data. The Affected Person is responsible for the correctness, accuracy and veracity of the provided Personal Data. The operator is not responsible for the accuracy of the provided data.
  8. The operator shall make every effort to prevent unauthorized processing.
  9. The Operator is entitled to transfer the personal data of the Affected Person to third parties for the following purposes: completion of the ordering process, delivery of goods, sending of business notices, evaluation of customer satisfaction, provision of consumer credit, customer support services, provision of insurance products, handling of complaints.
  10. Personal data is and will be processed in electronic form in a non-automated manner.
  11. The Operator keeps records of the Personal Data of the Affected Person for a period not longer than necessary for the purpose for which the Operator obtained them..
  12. If you are interested in providing information about the specific retention period of personal data, you, as the Affected Person, have the opportunity to contact us via e-mail sent to the address of the authorized person:
  13. The data subject has the right to access data (Article 15 of the Regulation), the right to rectify the data provided (Article 16 of the Regulation), the right to erasure (Article 17 of the Regulation), the right to restrict processing (Article 18 of the Regulation); the right to data portability (Article 20 of the Regulation), the right to object to the processing of personal data (Article 21 of the Regulation) and the right to challenge the Operator's decision based on automated processing of the data subject's personal data Operator review of such a decision with human intervention (Article 22 of the Regulation). There are some exceptions to the exercise of these rights and it will therefore not be possible to exercise them in all situations.
  14. The person concerned also has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory body, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic ( An overview of EU supervisors is available at
  15. If the legal basis for the processing of the data subject's personal data is consent to the processing, that person may revoke it at any time, being entitled to use the same method as the consent was given to him..  
  16. The principles of personal data protection were developed by the Operator in order to strengthen sufficient transparency and clarification of the basic rules that the Operator observes in the protection of privacy and personal data of the persons concerned..
  17. The Operator regularly reviews and updates the Privacy Policy, and the current version of this Policy always applies. The current version is always published on the Operator's website. Check our privacy policy regularly to stay informed


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