• BoreTech Decimator Supressor cleaner

Finally, an Effective, Simple and Safe way to clean and maintain your suppressor! Introducing Bore Tech’s Decimator Suppressor Cleaners, the industry’s only cleaners specifically formulated to safely remove the extreme fouling buildup found in suppressors. When used in conjunction with the Decimator Suppressor Cleaning System, these cleaners are an unbeatable combination.

These proprietary formulas effectively clean both Rimfire and Centerfire suppressors. They also work great on muzzle breaks, QD mounts and flash hiders. Decimator is safe for Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium and a wide variety of today’s most commonly used alloys and coatings.

The Decimator Suppressor Cleaners feature a two part formula to combat the extreme fouling buildup inside suppressors. Decimator - Part A focuses on the stubborn carbon/lead buildup inside the suppressor while Decimator - Part B focuses on the heavy buildup of copper fouling.

The figure below shows the BEFORE and AFTER results on a .243cal/6mm caliber suppressor with approximately 12,000 + rounds fired. Observe the thick, jagged layers of carbon and copper that have accumulated on the baffle surfaces in the BEFORE picture.

Baffles Before & After

After three complete cycles using the Decimator Suppressor Cleaning System, over 102 grams or 0.225 pounds of fouling was removed. That is equivalent to the powder used in over 7 rounds of .50 BMG!!!

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super čistiť...bol som veľmi prekvapený ako vyčistilo tlmič

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BoreTech Decimator Supressor cleaner

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