Index Bearing Cam Block with primer depth stop for Dillon XL750 is easy to install.

If primer does not explode when hit by firing pin then most common reason is that primer is not seated deep enough. This problem is quite common in new XL750 since orginal primer punch spring is a little to long and primers are not seated deep enough. Armanov solution to this problem is new Index Cam Block with integrated ball bearing and adjustable primer seating depth stop. Seating depth can be easily adjusted with screw that is firmly held in correct position by another retaining screw. Both screws are compatible with existing Dillon allen wrenches. Seating depth stop will ensure that all primers are seted at same depth regardless on your pressure. Your ammo will be consistent.

This is a must have premium upgrade that smooths the action for the index cam and removes the need for grease on the index pawl. Armanov Spring Loaded Index Bearing Cam Block for Dillon Precision XL750 replaces the steel block that causes friction and drag.

The spring loaded support post takes some load off the Primer Punch Spring and makes for smoother operation of the shellplate rotation and prevents spilling of powder from the case.

Compatible with the current model Dillon Precision XL750 progressive reloading press.

Included is one aluminum bearing block with a sealed ball bearing and spring loaded support post. Shorter Replacement Primer Punch Spring is also included.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum. Anodized in blue color.

Made with precision on a CNC.


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Armanov Index Bearing Cam Block 750

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