About Us

The BLACK MARKET weapons and ammunition shop is focused on the sale of weapons, ammunition, reloading components, accessories and especially accessories for sports shooters, but also for hunters.

We have been specialists in our field since 2012, when the company was founded, and since its establishment we have been trying to offer our customers what another seller cannot offer them.

We never stop and move forward with the expansion of our offer so that we can always offer our customers something new.

We are currently importers of many brands such as Anderson Manufacturing, Mossberg, Accu-Tac, Opsmen, Barnaul, Tac Vector Optics, Klarus, Labradar, Fab Defense, Battenfeld Technologies, Lee Precision, Dillon Precision, Lyman, Tsunami, Holosun, Timney, Cytac, Atlasworxs, Ghost, Double Alpha, and many others.

Many years of practical experience with dynamic and long range shooting help us to advise you and pass on our expertise to the customer.